लक्ष्य का अनुसंधान

जीवन का निमित्त,
बस संभावनाओं का अन्वेषण है,
खोज कहीं अधूरी ही न मर जाए !
चलो, उठो, अनुसंधान करो
कि प्रवाहहीन रिक्त जीवन,
एक साध्य से भर जाए !
पथ का शेष मात्र मृगतृष्णा,
लक्ष्य की खोज में
चलते रहना ही
जीवन का साध्य है,
‘अहम् ब्रह्मास्मि’ मंत्र परम,
स्व का संबल ही आराध्य है !
    • Raj
    • मार्च 4th, 2010

    Main hindi main likhna chahta hun,,,pls tell me how to write in hindi at wordpress.com.
    Ur help will be appriciated.

      • abhishektheoutsider
      • मार्च 4th, 2010

      go to http://translate.google.com/# and select Hindi as the language in the ‘Translate from:’ Tab. Check the box Type phonetically. Then type in Roman, the text will be converted to Devnagari when you hit space. Example: Type “namaste” and hit space for “नमस्ते”

      • Didn’t work for me. It was a disaster. This came out Jeth dopahar की भारी एक.

        Is there a way people could post comments on your blog in devnagari.

  1. quite a follow up on रास्ता ही मंजिल है…
    have u tried writing two distinct poems in separate styles on a same theme?! it’s pretty challenging (while writing) and satisfying (on completion)..

    • abhishektheoutsider
    • मार्च 6th, 2010

    very true.. this thought of the importance of the journey and not so much the destination is one of my guiding principles. I try to live by it, which reflects in the writing.. So knowingly or otherwise, there are bound to be repetitions. Keep reading, and writing.

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