In Love

Where there had been emptiness

So long,

All of a sudden

There is a song.


There is a heart too

That beats like never before –

Exhilaration and despondency

Strike in equal measure,

Yet it yearns for more.


There must be something

Really wrong with my head,

For day and night are like two peas in a pod

And the flowers are all red :

All of them without exception –

The roses, the orchids,

The bright yellow Laburnum too,

What else could it be but love

And who else to blame but you –

You S_ _ _ _ _  B_ _ _ _ _ _, you.

    • Aayush
    • मई 17th, 2010

    Itna s—- b— likhne ke bajai bhabhiji ka naam hi likh dete yaar. Nice poem. Liked the concept tht the flowers r all red.

      • abhishektheoutsider
      • मई 17th, 2010

      Naam nahin likhne ke do karan hain…
      1. kahin aapki bhabhiji ko publicly naam likhna achha na lage !!!
      2. jab tak bhabhiji ban nahin jatee, we never know… taking into account the whims and vagaries of the womankind..

      Bhabhiji khud hi reveal kar dein kabhi toh sahi ho… hehe…

      How are u doing by the way? How is my bhabhiji doing?

    • nupur
    • मई 17th, 2010

    whims and vagaries of womankind are indeed intricate …hehe.
    Wish you a happy life-long relation with s…b… haha.

  1. …whims and vagaries of the womankind… Whatever happened to indicisive men bent on acting martyrs… 😛

    A bard in love… Allah hi malik hai 🙂


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