I love You (uncompromised)

In the same selfless way

That a woman loves her man,

I love you.


Also selfishly, with all my male ego

But without any end or plan,

I love you.


In every possible way

That one possibly can,

I love you.


I wonder how anyone else would

Love you more than

I love you.

    • nupur
    • मई 19th, 2010

    My kangaroo, i hath your heart annealed with mine,
    but something is amiss now,there is a thin thread of mistrust.
    i would not like to believe that you are now away,
    i want to be oblivious to the absinthe-like reality that the heart i hath, is now not mine..
    nupur( a spontaneous one, in response to the above,”uncompromised” is very beautiful. i hope it reaches the heart it is meant to…)

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