food, clothing and shelter (a Preemptive Poem from the Proletariat)

You who gorge well

Eat so

Because you feed on our blood

While our ravenous gut

Tosses and turns inside our bodies,

Our nights with nightmares aghast.


You who garb well

Clothe so

Because you shroud your conscience

With our clothes

While we put up for sale,

Every bit of us, to the last.


You who have roofs over your heads

Shelter so

Because you swindle our homes

While we struggle to rent a future

For ourselves,

Our presents already past.


When you go to bed tonight

Prepare yourself for your worst nightmare,

Don’t turn off the light;

For even though

We had long back given in,

Our hungry children seek a fresh start.

For their rightful share in the scheme of things,

They are going to visit you tonight –

To tug at your sleeping heart.

  1. …Their souless bodies flaunt brands when in the end all they’ll need is a 6 yard shroud and 2 yard land.

    Good one, keep it up

    Desi Girl

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