A General Tendency

I am content running the rat race,

I am happy being a rat;

Feeding on trash is gratifying to the mind

And so is growing fat.


Why should it be so surprising –

Is there something wrong?

Isn’t everyone around doing it

And has been doing for long !

    • saurabh
    • सितम्बर 10th, 2010

    as another mba aspirant,feel guilty after reading this :p nice one as always sir..

      • abhishektheoutsider
      • सितम्बर 10th, 2010

      oye.. nothing to feel guilty about.. MBA or no-MBA, carve out ur own niche in this big bad world.. and u will have succeeded… all the best.. 🙂

    • Amrita
    • सितम्बर 10th, 2010

    Should have an end…kind of feels incomplete…

      • abhishektheoutsider
      • सितम्बर 10th, 2010

      suggestions please.. in fact, why dont u pick up the pen (metaphorically of course) and do the honours… I shall be mighty pleased… 🙂

    • nupur mishra
    • सितम्बर 11th, 2010

    Are you really running the rat race?

    True there…about growing fat…he he..


    Faithful Reader.

    • Rachna
    • सितम्बर 11th, 2010

    Though it is a satirical take but this poem leaves me with this warm fuzzy feeling… for a nano second I feel good about my complacency!

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