Within me somewhere –

A few rats reside.

To trap them,

I set a mousetrap every night

With some bait inside.


There hasn’t yet been a catch though –

No signs – 

Not of a single rat;

But they continue hiding –

I can feel their presence night after night,

As they feed on me and grow fat.

    • nupur
    • सितम्बर 23rd, 2010

    It is hard to catch them… actually one never does…

    love it.


    • Aparajita Bharti
    • सितम्बर 24th, 2010

    Awesumness! Specially the last two lines!
    (When I started reading it, i almost thought it about the “hungry” feeling..i.e. “pet mein chuhe daudna” 😉 )

      • abhishektheoutsider
      • सितम्बर 25th, 2010

      hey.. thank u so much.. actually, rats are fast becoming my fav metaphor.. and I have been using them in so many of my poems ;p

    • Brajesh
    • सितम्बर 25th, 2010

    Loved it !

      • abhishektheoutsider
      • सितम्बर 25th, 2010

      thank u Bojen Da …

    • सितम्बर 25th, 2010

    HI Sir,

    Why are’nt you regularly updating your blog?????
    Too busy with CBS and IMS????

      • abhishektheoutsider
      • सितम्बर 25th, 2010

      hey.. have been a little tied with stuff.. also been traveling a bit last week.. am more poetry coming your way.. keep reading.. 🙂

    • Pratiksha Sharma
    • सितम्बर 30th, 2010

    soooo true…..
    that pain feeds on us only and grows fat nd dn bothers us nly. V feel it bt jst cant catch it……
    dis is d bst explanation ever of this almost inexplicable feeling….. nd u wonder how cn sum1 do that using ‘rat’ as a metaphor….????:O:O
    gosh….!!! u simply amazing sir…..!!!

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