A Tour (of me)

I don’t mind giving you a tour of me,

But your own risk if you get lost.

And if you promise to be a good guest,

I too will try to be a good host.


So if that is agreed, let’s set down a few rules –

One, you cannot for ever stay;

Two, you will come when I ask you to,

And leave when I say, go away.


Okay. Mind your steps, it’s labyrinthine in here,

And there ain’t much time, do not be slow.

What? You think there is nothing to see in the dark?

I think it is time for you to go.


That will be all then, between you and me,

Apologies, for you seem disappointed.

I knew when I saw you, that would be the case,

And I guess I should have pointed.

    • nupur
    • नवम्बर 17th, 2010

    Amazing! Just amazing.. i mean.. Amazing!
    Abhishek kumar… You are a prod!!
    Amazing.. want to read it again and again and again!

    • Pratiksha Sharma
    • नवम्बर 19th, 2010

    it’s simply amazing………..!!!!!!
    lovvvved it……:-))

      • abhishektheoutsider
      • नवम्बर 19th, 2010


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