A Dream of Snakes

A dream

In a room full of snakes.

Snakes full

In a room of dreams.

Snakes in a room

Full of dreams.

Snakes crawling in on me,

Snakes with my father’s eyes.

I hide in my mother’s bosom,

And she becomes me.

The snakes devour her

With their eyes,

With my father’s eyes.

One snake steps out of the dream

To tie my hands;

Two more snakes appear

To drag me away,

And separate from my mother

I become myself again.

But I am too far

Into the future now –

And I am forced to watch from a distance –

As the snakes

Continue to only lick,

And not bite

While they crawl all over my mother,

In that past full of snakes.

The dream too is in the past now,

And I can only watch

From the cold reality of the present,

Where suddenly now

There is no one –

No father

No mother,

Only fear

Peeping from the dark,

And as I try to close my eyes,

The snakes descend

All over me

In another dream

In a room full of snakes.

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