Nothing really happens but the end in the middle

Every year

You think to yourself –

This year is going to be big;

Another deadline you set for yourself

In hope of something different.

And everytime

It is the same cycle of seasons

Repeating itself –

A few degrees up or down in winter or summer

A few millimeters of rain more or less every time it rains

Countless leaves falling each autumn –

Nothing really changes though;

You assign reasons to the occurrences

Even though nothing really happens.

Each passing year

Time takes something out of you

To leave you dead

In the end –

A point of no return.

What is worse –

All this happens

In the middle of life

With eons on either side

But nothing left to live.




    • Anvesh
    • जून 1st, 2012

    short and sweet :)….good to see u updating the blog frequently sir

    • Bhavika
    • अक्टूबर 29th, 2012

    What lives is our soul … though that also dies with every unfavorable moment.
    Alas! This is the life of Homo Sapiens … which very few realize. 🙂

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