What if – A Ghazal

What if this quicksilver life just passes us by? What if!

‘What’ matters so much that we do not see ‘why’, what if!


Each accounting year, we calculate life’s residual value,

But there is no standard with which to comply, what if!


We keep a watch on the hours that drag minute by minute,

And the expendable years – like seconds – just fly, what if!


Left vacillating between the yesterdays and tomorrows,

Are all the todays we once ourselves did decry, what if!


Hesitant, we succumb to the falseness we term reality,

And our dreams – one by one – bid us goodbye, what if!


We ignore the truth even as it stares in our face & dares us,

So well with ourselves, we have learned to lie, what if!


What shall we call it then? This aggregate of passed time,

When it won’t even matter anymore we live or die, what if!

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