The Color of Your Skin

There is something about it

I cannot name.

I cannot define it in/with words.

brown does not do justice to it

just as white does not to light,

or black to night.

fair, like dark,

too general to pique

any interest

in something so unique.

If only

your skin were to be perforated into parts

you would be a rainbow

but just as only human eyes have

the capacity to see one,

do not be surprised

if no one else

but I

can see the rainbow

beneath your beautiful skin!

    • Navneeth
    • मार्च 22nd, 2013

    Beautifully rendered Sir!

    Liked it a lot, especially the way it has been weaved. Thank you!

    Regards, Navneeth

      • abhishektheoutsider
      • मार्च 22nd, 2013

      Thank you 🙂

    • Sudhiranjan Das
    • मार्च 23rd, 2013

    good one…. though rythmically constrained but very high on spirit……finding the rainbow beneath is just wonderful..:)

      • abhishektheoutsider
      • मार्च 23rd, 2013

      Thank you Sudhi Da 🙂

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